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Domestic paint capital finally hit back, prophecy come true!


Chinese coatings market gold, Nippon Paint, attracted Sherwin Williams, PPG industry, AKZO NOBEL and other international giants to "qiajian" acquisitions to strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises, temptation, China a excellent enterprise so to nationality. That point of view, with a hair Never mind we Chinese many paint companies are. But things are not always look at the surface, the acquisition of a large number of foreign investment in China behind the coated enterprises, mapping out some of the existing but has been ignored in a large pattern. That is the real combination of strong, which means that the global market concentration is getting higher and higher, which means that the paint industry, more and more Chinese people do not have anything.

Why do you say that?

Paint industry has not yet appeared like Li Shufu, Ren Zhengfei as a very destructive boss. A large part of the coating the boss, we all know, is nothing more than opportunistic or opportunist, their purpose is to earn money, they earn money as soon as possible in order to go abroad to settle abroad, investment real estate and stock, foreign luxury consumption, Never mind such enterprises bigger and stronger with China end coating.

So, China can appear a Nadechushou paint enterprises? Badeshi zhanchen Maydos??? Is almost a natural barrier road! Because the competitive environment will be worse, Chinese rivals such as PPG, Akesu, Xuan Wei, the Nippon giant already has very big, already now more, still not stop eating behind the old three old four five, you more. Concentration is so high, which is already a global industry consolidation, but the middle seems to have nothing to do with Chinese people.

From the previous situation, both state-owned and private enterprises are difficult to escape into the foreign industrial chain, which The whole army was wiped out. rhythm. This is not to say that national enterprises have closed down, but did not have the opportunity to achieve the world's top 10 or even the top 5. Because we do not know what kind of product can be expected to form a climate?

And foreign giants compete with a natural, China private enterprises currently either Carpoly or three, zhanchen, badeshi, industry is still not perfect, that is in the paint in this industry, you can do so few categories. Not to mention the industrial paint, car paint these are the door category, like the furniture paint in the Chinese market is a category of some of the advantages of it, but it has become the object of foreign giants eyeing.

Furniture paint needs high technical content, high service requirements, if there is no corresponding countermeasures, only his head stuffy dry, and giant distance can more and more big, because people hundreds of years of accumulation, not twenty or thirty years will catch up with catch up with that. Do not underestimate this product technology accumulation, if not you do threshold are not impossible, free fall. Unless you're going to buy it all over the world, are there any crazy people in this industry?!

The badeshi did crazy to do. The signal acquisition of Italy famous furniture paint brand VERESI willans issued capital to fight domestic paint, this is Chinese to paint the world, try the international giants par.

The coating level is too far away, by working hard to catch up, how many years do not know, anyway, not short. In the field of architectural coatings and paint furniture from the field of play, badeshi group fired the first shot, industrial paint has just started, if China paint enterprises to enter the international giants ranks, so only a little bit of hope, but always have strong hope.

These are the "negative energy" thinking, if these negative energy point of view, we can bring some positive energy, then the bad guys when I.

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